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Überrest (2022)

Molting animals take off their ‘skin chemise’ and leave behind a remnant of their exoskeleton. Personal associations with this phenomenon in nature served as the basis for the creation of the presented sculpture in space.

The fragile shell expresses the absence of an anthropomorphic body. As a witness of its remaining presence, the detached layer acquires independence in space and aims to evoke a sublime experience. Characterised as sovereign and supportive, the shape is yet retaining its vulnerability despite the strength.

The video work, brought to life in collaboration with sound designer JP Oliver Viol a.k.a. Akali Akali, enables the object to transcend from one state to another. Suggested by sound and light, the work draws on the theme of resurrection.

In Christian religion body remains of saints are venerated as objects. ‘Überrest’ enters into relation with this transformation.

The used material is the omentum of a lamb, a fatty tissue which is often considered waste in slaughterhouse. Re-contextualizing it and alluding to the immortality of objects, the organic matter cites the ‘Agnus Dei’.

Music & Sound Design by Akali Akali

Written by Jean Philipp Oliver Viol
Courtesy of BRU BRU BRU BRU Media

Concept, Artwork & Video by Olesya Parfenyuk

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