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Creative Direction | Photography | Set Design

Olesya Parfenyuk is an independent visual artist based in Vienna, Austria. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In her work, she aims to transmit a certain, ethereal atmosphere by creating sets and characters - often intuitively - expanding beyond realism. Observations on human behaviour, social morality, reflections about bygone eras, emotions and feelings shape her concepts. Elegance and timelessness give her guidance in sharpening the aesthetics of her visual language.
In her personal projects she relies on self-portraits, but also contacts friends or strangers who catch her eye, asking to model for her.
She enjoys to integrate fashion elements into her work to create a blend between fashion photography and a narrative. Natural light is a very important component in her work. It gives it sincerity.

2019 - dato: "Applied Photography and Time-based Media"  University of Applied Arts Vienna


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